The Art Zone

I make a lot of art in various forms. Like, a lot a lot of artforms. What are you interested in?

Logos, Symbols, Signs

Symbols, logos, and other such things. I've been drawing these in my notebooks for essentially all my life, starting with merely redrawing Kamen Rider symbols, and ending with designing my own. As a result, these are kind of my specialty.

Sigils, Magic Circles, Spell Signs

Magic circles and anything else ornate and bullshittery like this. These are also my specialty. I've loved this style of "spells" for almost all of my life, and at a certain point I started making them as well.

Misc Vector Art

Besides graphics design, I also occasionally make other things in vector. Such as characters, armor, weapons, spaceships and other bullshittery.

Maps (Page is WIP)

I make fictional maps. Not really something I'm too proficient at, but it's fun, especially when combined with worldbuildy games.

Pixel Art (Page is WIP)

I've been messing around with pixel art for quite a while, starting with my attempts to make ships for Starsector, and ending in just general bullshittery. Nowadays I'm a bit rusty at it, but I've still got some skills.

Starsector Kitbashes (Page is WIP)

Kitbashing! Making things out of other things! All of this is done with full permission of the original creator of the sprites so everything's all right and proper here. It is incredibly difficult to match Starsector's visual style by just pixel arting, so most people end up resorting to this when making mods.

3D Renders and Models (Page is WIP)

I make 3D renders and model things as well. This is a much more recent skill of mine so I do not really have much to say other than "boy do I suck at organics", heh. I am rather good at non-organic stuff, though, if I dare say so myself.